Flowtality: The complete solution for Data Capture and Analysis.

Bespoke workflow solutions for managing your business processes.

  • Automate Contractor Work Permits
  • Onboard New Employees
  • Record and Track Training
  • Manage Vendors
  • Engage and Support Customers
  • Register and Maintain Assets
  • Capture and Control HR

Paper Work Permits are a very poor way of recording, regulating and authorising site work.

They are slow and inflexible for the contractor and authoriser and give management an inadequate oversight of project work.

Introducing WORK PERMIT from FLOWTALITY the cloud based data capture, analysis and presentation solution provider.

Effortlessly control the complete data entry, review and authorisation process for contactor work permits.

The work location is selected by clicking on a region in actual images of your site. The permit can be easily customised using drag and drop.

The Authoriser can trigger the permit process in many ways, for example by email link or a launch button on your internal site.

You can choose to communicate between Authoriser and Requester by SMS or Email.

The permit workflow is automatically controlled for closing and re-opening multi-day permits and for closing the permit on completion of the works.

The required information and signatures are captured at each stage of the process. Management is provided with a clear overview of permitted work and can drill into the permits to provide complete oversight.

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